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The KDP combines Democratic ideology and wants to form a society where everyone in Kurdistan can gain freedom, independence and confidence.

The KDP adopt new policies and strategy which corresponds to the changes in Kurdish and international politics.

We work hard to strengthen the basis of the Federal state and Kurdistan National Assembly which was made by the sacrifices of thousand thousands of our people and we work hard to mobilize international support for it.

We have to defend our people's democratic achievements.

It is the hope for millions of Kurds who still live under oppression.

Today, KDP is becoming the strongest political party in Kurdistan.

KDP has shown to the Kurdish people at home and abroad its commitment to democracy. It illustrated its self-confidence.

People are having high expectation from the KDP leaders who they believe, can lead them safely in this worried times.

The KDP will continue to support and enhance the democratic process taking place in the country and embodied in the Parliament and Regional Government. It also endeavor to consolidate the unity of the Kurdish people and strengthening the coalition with the other parties in the Parliament and the government.

The KDP supports the struggle of Kurdish people in Turkey, Iran, Syria and Russia for their just national rights and reiterates its support for the way in which they determine their own future within the state they live in and agreements they reached within their central governments.

The KDP calls for a national congress of all Kurdish political parties to be convened for setting up future policies and strategies in consultation.

The KDP believes that the Kurds are one nation. We put forth effort for the strengthening of brotherly relations between our party and the democratic parties and organizations in all parts of Kurdistan. Kurdistan was divided after World War I with no regard to the demands of the Kurdish people for self-determination. The feeling of solidarity and sympathy among people in different parts of Kurdistan is natural and spontaneous, and every uprising that has ever taken place in any part of Kurdistan has always been supported by Kurds in the other parts. The refusal of the ruling governments to recognize this fact in the different regions of Kurdistan still does not change the realities of the situation. The Kurdish people represent the largest single ethnic group in the world to lack their national rights and they are third most populous nation in the middle East, they should therefore play an important role in the whole movement of the oppressed people who struggle for their democratic and national rights and for self-determination.

Kurds knows that the KDP is a party of long standing, founded at the end of World War II, KDP build upon a continuous struggle and on the personal sacrifice of thousands thousands of Kurdish martyrs, has a wider perspective with the adoption of a completely new strategy for the future.








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